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Poetry, My Delightful Concern by Vera Korfioti —
August 2008

About the book — Vera Korfioti's new collection of poems in her exquisite philosophical style and translated into English by Penelope Soteriou and Manya Georgiadou Constant. "In this new collection of poems we recognize the familiar motives of Vera's poetic sign-language, yet something of import has been achieved. The deeper existential questioning and metaphysical view of life, already latent in her first poetic compositions, is here more pronounced and gripping. She ventures to converse with the pre-Socratic philosophers, to investigate with them the implacable philosophical questions that have troubled man since the world began." (Kaite Christi)

About the author — Vera Korfioti comes from a father born in Asia Minor and a mother born in Morphou, Cyprus. She graduated from the Pancyprian Gymnasium in Nicosia. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Archaeology from the University of Athens, and she also studied Journalism in Athens. She worked as a teacher of Philology in Secondary Education in Cyprus, retiring as Headmistress. She got two scholarships for England and the United States for a short study visit on the subject of children with learning disabilities. Vera has published six poetry collections, various studies on Greek literature, a play, as well as books on education. Her great love, however, is Philosophy, which also constitutes the foundation of her poetry.

Book detailsSoftcover: 223 pages
Publisher: Feather Star Publishing (August 2008)
Language: Greek, English
ISBN: 9780977376971
Dimensions: 6.75 x 9.5 x 0.6 inches

How to order — You may order the book directly from the author by sending an e-mail to her at main@featherstarpublishing.com.
Price: $20.00 (USD) / €20.00 (EUR).

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