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"From the first vowel to the last consonant"


by Antis Korfiotis —
January 2008

About the book — Just as the waves of the sea push a nautilus, the waves of life throw a young boy, barely three years old, into the family of his grandfather and grandmother in Limassol. In there the aunts and uncles, with great love and tolerance, will become mothers and fathers to the young boy. The Komesariato is a whole new world full of secrets, surprises, adventures. It is inevitable, though, that the young nautilus will grow up one day, but he will always carry with him this magical world. The waves will push him to another life, and from the empty lots of the Komesariato he will end up at the judge's bench. During this course, the waves and the swell of the sea will sometimes throw him to the bottom and sometimes carry him to the foam. And Nautilus, while sailing, will be struggling to preserve the innocence of childhood dreams.

About the author — Antis Th. Korfiotis was born in 1937 in Nicosia, Cyprus, but he lived most of his life in Limassol, his parents' hometown. His father was Thasos Korfiotis, one of the moving spirits of journalism in Cyprus and founder of the newspaper FOS (Light) in Nicosia.
Antis Korfiotis holds a law degree from the University of Athens. In his early years he worked as a journalist at his father's newspaper. He practiced law in Nicosia, and held the position of prosecutor of the military court in Cyprus. From 1973 until his retirement in 1997 he was appointed judge.
Among his many interests are the sea, collecting sea shells, painting, and reading.

Book detailsSoftcover: 299 pages
Publisher: Feather Star Publishing (January 2008)
Language: Greek
ISBN: 9780977376957
Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 x 0.75 inches

How to order — You may order the book directly from the author by sending an e-mail to him at main@featherstarpublishing.com.

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