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"From the first vowel to the last consonant"

Welcome to Feather Star Publishing

About us — Feather Star Publishing is a small independent publishing firm, producing books in a variety of genres: biography and autobiography, memoirs, literary fiction, non-fiction, poetry, education, history, travel, cooking, and children’s books, to name a few.

It was created in 2005 by Dr. Stalo Monti-Pouagare, daughter of the well-known Greek poet and writer Costas Montis. Based in Ohio, this fast-growing firm specializes in Greek authors, making their books available to the global market. Our motto "From the first vowel to the last consonant," expressing our wholehearted commitment, is inspired by a short poem by Costas Montis, which he wrote for his daughter:

The first vowel of my heart was yours
its last consonant will be yours.

Feather Star Publishing provides prompt and efficient service to a wide range of authors, both established and new, both Greek and non-Greek. Authors are involved in all stages of production and marketing, and they control all decisions over the publishing of their books. As a result, they retain all rights.

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